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I'm an experienced Finnish growth entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in New York City working with world's leading growth professionals.

I've built products that have scaled big, billions in transactions. Raised over $20 million in growth capital.

Growth companies are my passion.

Personal passion is hockey. Read my story about it.

Benjamin Neobank is my next big thing. Connecting millions of SMBs to over 100 million American consumers. and helping businesses to grow their top line.

Over 20 years of experience in
growth entrepreneurship

I am a tech savvy business leader, visionary product and concept specialist
who can also sell like no-one.

Grow fast. Grow big.


Every growth company needs to have the best strategy well thought out before rushing to do things.

Why customer wants to buy from us?

Who is the ideal customer profile (ICP)?

What is the scalable business model and market?

What are our tactics and methods to build the growth?

Growth execution

Growth execution means we have to do many different actions and channels at same time.

Build seamless onboarding experience, set up product engagement communication and re-targeting.

When we are ready to drive traffic there are over dozen tactics we need know and master.

Just to mention few; building an affiliate program, referral program, signing bonus, loyalty program - drive traffic via programmatic, PPC, social, email and influencer channels.

Erno is extremely driven and smart. He is an expert in retail and has a very clear vision for how technology will drive the future.

Leo GIEL, tech investor

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