Businesses grow faster with affiliate program - my trusted
partner is PartnerStack.

I can help you recruit the right partners to work with, and empower your
partners to sell more of your product

SaaS companies and their partners rate PartnerStack above every other partner relationship management (PRM) platform.

And it's why the fastest-growing SaaS companies choose PartnerStack to scale
their programs into major revenue channels.

Whether you’re looking to close more deals, generate more leads or bring traffic to your next campaign, PartnerStack is built to handle every kind of partnership — and all of them at once.


  • Track partner links, leads and deals 

  • Embed customer loyalty programs directly into your product 

  • Sell directly through distributor networks with PartnerStack API

  • Over 800,000 partners to market your product

  • Influencers, b2b products, affiliates, consultants, agencies, resellers

  • Can be localized to any country and language 


Ask me how to build an affiliate program and/or referral program for your product. 

I am a growth entrepreneur helping SaaS companies to scale up revenue.




ContractZen_Logo (1).jpg

ContractZen is an all-inclusive governance suite starting at $10 month.

It's an ideal product for any size company to digitalize corporate governance.

Payout: $100 per each new paid customer

Submit your affiliate partner application today!


  • Contract management

  • Board portal 

  • Virtual data room

  • Entity management 2.0

  • Digital signing