Working my way up from Oulu, Finland to New York City.

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I was born to entrepreneur family in Oulu, Finland.

Our family business was handcrafting shop making leather gloves.

I worked 10 years and acquired the business.

Interview by Ken Kraetz, CBSI at SPENT office in Manhattan fall 2017

#1 STARTUP: CASCARD (2010-2012)

My first startup was CasCard. It was a cool concept to connect consumers to matching merchants based on what people wanted to buy next in partnership with MasterCard. 

We raised $3M capital from Finnish VC, angels and government and I moved to New York in 2010 to build the company from ground up.

#2 STARTUP: SPENT (2014-2020)

My second startup was SPENT. Original idea was
expense management app powered by
cash back for freelancers. 

We pivoted solely to cash back product
to compete in very competitive multi-billion
dollar industry in the U.S. 


SPENT was an awesome run raising over $15M in capital, building a big team and product that gained traction - more than $100M in monthly cash back volume.

We built a cash back platform with over 1 million merchant locations including Fortune 100 companies.



Benjamin was born out of SPENT. It is a rewarding
neobank with powerful growth marketing platform
for more than 10 million small businesses in the U.S
connecting them to over 30 million consumers. 

Read more about Benjamin here.

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I am passionate about new products and companies
who want to grow and enter the U.S. market. I have
helped several companies to identify and execute growth. 

ContractZen is unique board material and document
management product. 

Read more about ContractZen here.